Access hotel amenities without spending the night


Have you ever wished to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing vacation without having to book a night in a resort or hotel?

ResortPass was created to offer locals and travelers daytime access to hotels and resorts for use of the pool, spa, fitness center, and additional amenities, without the commitment – and the price – one night.

It all started in 2016 when ResortPass founder Amanda Szabo had the desire to use hotel pools near her San Diego home on weekdays. She started sneaking into hotels to enjoy the pool while she worked. After a few visits she realized that most hotels had very few midweek pool clients and it was then that she identified an untapped opportunity in the hospitality industry and unmet demand. of consumers. ResortPass was born as a small-scale startup in the local community.

Fast forward nearly four years and the platform is currently available for over 200 hotels in 70 different cities across the country – and continues to grow rapidly. ResortPass provides hotels with a source of income during their traditionally slow midweek times, while providing the ultimate “day” for guests. For travelers who choose to stay at Airbnbs during their trip, ResortPass gives them the best of both worlds.

Prices for the service start at around $ 25 for access to pools, hot tubs, fitness centers, and more. Top tier day passes go up to $ 150 or more for private cabanas, which often include catering services. Each carefully selected partner hotel offers unique packages created by the hotels and resorts themselves.

Some of the hotel partners include Sunset Tower Hotel, Los Angeles, SIXTY LES, New York City, Pelican Grand Beach Resort, Fort Lauderdale, and Alohilani Waikiki Beach, Honolulu.

Szabo recently spoke about ResortPass.

What feedback do you receive from the stations?

Hotels are excited to be able to provide an experience for local residents in their area while benefiting from a new revenue channel. The key element of our program is that we give hotels full control over the management of these overnight guests. They can adjust prices, set inventory, and manage their schedule so they only drive day guests during the slower times. The hotel is never crowded as they can limit the number of places to offer and block the days when they are full.

What are guests saying about their experience?

For users, we provide a seamless online booking experience and people are thrilled that now they can have a vacation experience in their area without having to book a room. A “day” in a hotel is more convenient than the high costs and time spent spending an entire weekend or night. People can enjoy an afternoon with their friends and family and only pay for it. With the proliferation of vacation rentals, this is also a great option for travelers who are staying somewhere without the amenities of a nice hotel. People who choose to stay at an Airbnb because of their budget or a larger space can now also benefit from the hotel’s amenities and services.

Do you describe a typical ResortPass experience?

The ResortPass experience is everything from taking the kids to a resort for a day of fun on the slides and pool activities, to a relaxing day at the spa with your girlfriends, to drinks and fun. sun in a cabana by the hottest rooftop pool in town. Taking a day out is a fun and relaxing new leisure activity that anyone can enjoy.

How do hotels best use the ResortPass?

With currently more than 250 partner hotels and growing, ResortPass is the leader in ancillary revenues in the hospitality industry. We are changing the way hotels perceive their property and what it means to be a guest. Our daytime guests are like overnight guests, they just book a different set of amenities. Instead of wanting a bed, TV, and shower, daytime guests want to reserve the pool, spa, or cabana. Hotels see the benefits of our program and it is spreading like wildfire.

How do customers hear about your service?

People don’t just tell their friends about the ResortPass, they go with their friends. We are building a market of experiences and as more and more people book, use and share with us on social media, the more it spreads. There is vitality in our service because people want something like this to be around for a long time and they are so excited that it is finally happening.

In which countries are you currently?

At the moment, we are focused on expanding in the United States, but we will soon expand internationally.

What are your long term goals for ResortPass?

Americans work too hard and often don’t take their vacation days. We create a new experience and enable people to enjoy ‘mini’ vacations all year round at a fraction of the cost and time of commitment. Spending quality time with your friends and family, as well as taking the time to take care of yourself to relax and rejuvenate, is the purpose of the ResortPass. We are delighted to bring “daycations” around the world.


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