LOTTE Hotels & Resorts enters the global hotel market


LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, the hotel brand representing South Korea, is accelerating the worldwide dynamic of franchising by drawing on its 40 years of expertise in hotel operations. LOTTE whose combination the number of rooms exceeds 11,000, is actually operating 32 hotels and resorts in seven countries and has established itself as a hotel brand favored by people around the world.

▶ Seeking vigorous expansion to become a leading global hotel chain; now operates 12 hotels internationally
LOTTE is aggressive in its global development while other Korean hotel groups tend to focus only on the domestic market. Its global business, which started with the opening of LOTTE HOTEL MOSCOW in 2010, has continued to expand, leading to the opening of chains in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in 2013; Hanoi, Vietnam and Guam in 2014; New York in 2015; Yangon, Myanmar, Saint Petersburg and Arai, Japan in 2017; Samara and Vladivostok, Russia, in 2018; and Seattle in 2020.

LOTTE HOTEL MOSCOW, LOTTE’s first global hotel chain, won the Condé Nast Traveler for two consecutive years in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, he was honored as “Best hotel in Europe” and “Best hotel restaurant in Europe” by the Prix de la Villegiature 2014. LOTTE’s commendable performance has given new impetus to the global hospitality industry.

LOTTE NEW YORK PALACE, which the company first acquired for a Korean hotel brand, is famous for serving as a “the second White House” during the United Nations General Assembly which is held in September each year. In April 2018, Forbes travel guide has chosen LOTTE NEW YORK PALACE as one of the “21 hot hotels around the globe”. This is one of the proofs of LOTTE’s high reputation in New York where the main hotel chains around the world compete fiercely. In September 2020 with the successful opening of LOTTE HOTEL SEATTLE, its fourth franchise hotel, LOTTE consolidates its position as a growing global hotel group by crossing the United States

▶ Creation of a portfolio of brands to meet the diverse needs of travelers
LOTTE has built a portfolio of brands that meet the needs of various travelers – the iconic upscale hotel ‘SIGNIEL’, the classic upscale hotel ‘LOTTE HOTELS’, the lifestyle hotel ‘L7 HOTELS’, the business optimized hotel ‘LOTTE City Hotels’ and ‘LOTTE RESORT’ for family travelers.

SIGNIEL defines a new dimension of luxury. The exquisite decor and extravagant ambiance make SIGNIEL like no other, offering its guests a heavenly experience. With the successful exploitation of SIGNIEL SEOUL and SIGNIEL BUSAN, the brand is seen as a game changer that has transposed the Korean luxury hotel market. SIGNIEL presents a higher level service paradigm by being a place where people aspire to stay at least once in their life.

LOTTE HOTELS reflect the pride and sincere and sincere respect of customers. Representing delicacy and refinement of facilities and services, LOTTE HOTELS is committed to excellence as a flagship hotel in famous destinations around the world. LOTTE HOTELS promises you enriching moments thanks to attentive and sincere service.

L7 HOTELS captures the unique characteristics of places with bold design and unleashes the joy of traveling through creative spaces with overflowing cultural experiences and inspirations. Through the colorful array of works of art and the creative culture, the originality of L7 HOTELS could be explored. The chic interior and gracious service are a charming touch for guests to rest deliciously or be inspired to venture out. L7 HOTELS aims to accompany each stage of the customers’ journey.

LOTTE City hotels are ideally designed for business travelers offering the utmost comfort in modern and efficient facilities. Practical and functional spaces and essential services for work and relaxation are offered at the best price. LOTTE City hotels are designed for those seeking personal fulfillment and professional growth, aiming for a stress-free business trip.

LOTTE RESORT serves as a space full of recreation, entertainment, culture and lifestyle. In the heart of nature, LOTTE RESORT transmits the artistic spirit through the grandiose beauty of the environment.

Based on the combination of the brand portfolio and the “Korean-style reception service” that recognizes customer needs, LOTTE continues to grow as a global hotel group.

About LOTTE Hotels & Resorts

LOTTE Hotels & Resorts currently operates 18 properties in five countries around the world with 16 more properties in the pipeline. LOTTE Hotels & Resorts has secured its brand equity through its award-winning five-star properties. Their first luxury and overseas Korean hotel brand hotel in Russia was honored after recently receiving the Villegiature Awards “Best Hotel in Europe”. LOTTE Hotels & Resorts has gained worldwide recognition for its excellent service and facilities suitable for major international events. It has also been rated Korea’s Best Hotel by many prestigious magazines, including Conde Nast Traveler, Global Traveler, Business Traveler (Asia Pacific), and Trade Travel Gazette.


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