The evolution of hotel facilities


Cult perfume brand Le Labo began collaborating with hotels in 2008, two years after opening its first Le Labo boutique in New York. It has since partnered with Edition Hotels (which is launching seven new hotels in 2018, from West Hollywood to Abu Dhabi), The Bowery in New York, select Park Hyatt hotels around the world, and Fairmont hotels, among others. “For Edition, Ian Schrager is behind everything. Creating for publishing is creating for Ian, and he’s someone who isn’t afraid to take risks – he likes to walk the edge, so for us it’s a natural collaboration, ”explains Fabrice Penot, co-founder of Le Labo. “We never need to convince him of anything. It’s about “feeling” and very little about “thinking,” says Penot.

Photo: Courtesy of Labo

Since guests are currently using hotel toiletries due to airline security restrictions and checked baggage fees, hotel swag is required. “Customers enjoy using products that they wouldn’t necessarily buy but aspire to use on their own. Partnering with a luxury product evokes a sense of quality and sophistication, improving brand reputation, ”said John Vanderslice, Global Head of Luxury & Lifestyle Brands at Hilton Worldwide.

The Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts offers Convivio by Salvatore Ferragamo. And from Berlin to Istanbul, the prestigious SOHO house defends the exclusive Cowshed line of beauty and care. At Gramercy Park, the very first hotel to partner with the Aesop brand, guests find its coveted bath amenities.

Photo: Courtesy of 11 Howard / Grown Alchemist

“It’s been a long time since the hospitality industry started to move away from cookie-cutter design and experience to something more unique and ‘conserved’. First with the boutique revolution, then with the rise of lifestyle hotels, this movement has resulted in greater diversity that primarily caters to creative travelers, ”says Brian De Lowe, co-founder of Proper Hospitality. “While service, comfort and design are always non-negotiable, it is often the most subtle gestures that help us show how attentive we are to every little element of our hotels,” he says. “We like to think of our bedrooms and bathrooms as spaces to showcase a collection of our favorite things. So whether it’s splurging on hand-crafted Aireloom mattresses in California … or importing Vifa wireless hi-fi speakers from Denmark, it’s about showcasing some amazing items from design and functionality to our guests.


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